CamArt Productions takes pride in their professionals that work in tandem as a team, ensuring that the final product is exactly what you would expect.


Contact us for a customized quote, because each project is unique.
Full camera day is based on 10 hours (with a 1 hour lunch)
1/2 day that goes over 5 hours becomes a full day
1/2 day camera rate is based on 5 hours (with a 30 min break)
Overtime is calculated at 1.5 of daily hourly rate

Equipment Includes

*Please note
Day camera rates vary according to the camera type & model chosen.

Broadcast or Cinematic HD Camera
Field monitors, wireless monitor
Lens Packages
Lighting kits
Lithium ion batteries
Tripod/Grip gear

Rate Pricing Factors

Factors that affect the rates include
Additional services required
Equipment required
Location of shoot
Number of days required
The day of the week chosen
Add-ons available and are listed below.

Extras and Add - Ons

We offer an array of additional services & equipment in order to meet your specific needs such as sound gear and tape stock. If there is any request for services you do not see, please don't hestitate to ask us and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Add-Ons include but are not limited to the following:

Car mount &2-Way radios
Camera vehicle (55¢/km out of town)
DJI Drone
Jimmy Jib/Slider
HMI Lighting
Doorway dolly
Matte box
Parking charges
Per Diem (out of town)
Carl Zeiss Prime Lens Kit
Power Generator
Underwater camera housing

Additional Services - Crew & Post production

Sound Mixer
CamArt's sound professionals and the sound gear are first rate. The sound technician will ensure quality of sound, whether on location or in the studio, by utilizing wireless microphones, multi-channel mixer/recorder and boom microphones. You will benefit from sound precision, while allowing the cameraman to concentrate on producing the best final product.

Camera Assistant / Gaffer/ Grip
Hire a Grip/Gaffer & Camera Assistant/PA to maximize the shooting process and enhance the visual value of your shooting day. They assist with set up & strike of lighting, carry equipment & help the DOP and Director. Unexpected things happen and the assistants provide an extra hand to make the day more productive.

DMT/ Data Management Technician
Data Management Technician will make sure all the media is properly backed up, stored & delivered. This level of data organization is strongly advised on multi-camera projects. Teleprompter will ensure proper delivery and time efficiency of script delivery. It can add comfort to an inexperienced speaker or on-camera talent.

We offer quick turn around time at CamArt Productions, from the time we shoot to the time you have the final edit in you hands. CamArt has full access to a state of the art Non-linear editing system from Avid Media Composer to Final Cut Pro with a variety of plug-ins from Adobe After Effects.

Graphic Artist
Graphic Artists will enhance the visual aspects of your projects. Your outcome will be a superior quality video production and a professional looking end product.

Voice Over & Narration
CamArt Productions has an array of voice over professionals with extensive experience in commercial narration and radio voice over work.

Custom Music & Sound Effects
Enhance your project's distinctiveness and create a more vibrant project. Contact CamArt Productions to provide custom music and sound effects.

Makeup Artist
CamArt Productions can provide a professional make up artist to handle all of your production requirements,making your onscreen talent comfortable while creating a flawless camera-ready look.