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Rich Bride Poor Bride

The story begins with a wedding planner meeting where our couples reveal a laundry list of expectations. Once the wedding planner has an idea of the type of wedding desired he/she receives an envelope containing the total budget amount. Watch the highs and lows of what happens when costs collide with expectations!

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For Your Life

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Til Debt Do Us Part

Money is the number one cause of failed marriages. Rare is the couple that agrees on how the pot should be divided and the bills paid. Most families are in debt, and with debt come family arguments, tears, tantrums and marriages on the verge of divorce. To save families from the doldrums of debt, each episode of Til Debt Do Us Part follows financial wizard Gail Vaz-Oxlade as she helps families go from red to black by getting to the root of their destructive spending habits.

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The Right Fit

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We start by tracking down that oh-so-special someone. Or we facilitate a pre-date makeover. We can redo their hair, their wardrobe, their teeth. If the matchmaker thinks their friend needs to be taught a lesson, we can even send them to a dominatrix. And through it all, the cameras are there.

When the matchmaker puts the seal of approval on our work, we send their friend off on a date. From amusement parks to firing ranges to sailing lessons, topped off by an intimate dinner, we arrange the perfect blind date based on the matchmaker’s specifications. How are we going to know if all of this hard work pays off? By going along for the ride – literally.

The matchmaker and host follow the excitement in a limo outfitted with a closed-circuit television. We watch the expected and the unexpected, as the host and matchmaker act as commentators - providing a critical and humorous running dialogue with remarks and observations. We’re along for the whole ride, from the first tentative hello to the last kiss goodnight... or door slam.

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Big City Broker

Get an insider's look at the business of urban residential property, and how it shapes a city's landscape, as seen through the eyes of a driven businessman.

Join Brad J. Lamb and his team in this fly-on-the-wall docu-soap series. Each episode, explores the inner workings of his thriving realty sales and development company – one of the most successful private real estate groups in North America.

Explosively compelling and addictive, Big City Broker focuses on the angst and joy, the dramas and intrigue that make up Brad J Lamb’s world of property sales and development. Who knew that buildings could be so sexy?

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